With Easy, DIY Legal Training And Legal Templates From A Harvard-Educated Lawyer

Stop Wondering About Your Legal Stuff... 
And Get Back To Building Your Amazing Business

You've had "legal stuff" on your to do list for a long time, but have never gotten around to getting it done. You know you need to get around to it, but there's always a reason not to.


Maybe it's because you're focusing on tasks that you think are more important and urgent...


Maybe it's because you are afraid of the cost of an attorney...


Maybe it's because you don't even know where to start...


In reality, none of those is a good reason to avoid your "legal stuff." By ignoring your legal stuff, you are putting your business at risk every single day


What if you could get your "legal stuff" taken care of without having to hire an attorney and without having to waste your time searching for the answers? 


What if I told you there is a way to check the "legal stuff" off your list yourself so you can stop worrying about whether you are protected and focus on building your business


Well, there is a way to get all that and more. 


If you know there is "legal stuff" you need to take care of... if you are worried that you are putting your business at risk... if you're too busy to spend your time playing lawyer... if you can't afford to hire a high-priced attorney... 


Then this message is for YOU. 


The Online Genius Membership site makes it possible for you to quickly and easily get your "legal stuff" handled without having to play lawyer, waste your precious time, or hire a high-priced attorney. 


Stop worrying whether you're protected and get back to building your awesome business!

Why Does Legal Protection Have To Seem Out Of Reach?

There's no way to sugar coat it. . . lawyer's aren't cheap!


If you try to hire a lawyer to get your legal affairs in order, you'd be facing a bill that would easily run into five figures


And most of lawyers with "do-it-yourself" options are still asking you to lay down thousands of dollars to get their forms and a few training sessions...


So, you think to yourself there's no way you can justify spending that kind of money on a lawyer. Especially when you could put that money to use on things that seem so much more important. . . you know, things that will generate revenue and help you build your business. 


So instead of going to a lawyer, you've tried to get by...


Maybe you’ve gone to Google... Or looked on Wikipedia... Or gotten some “street law” advice from your non-lawyer friends... Or tried to copy what some other online entrepreneur has done.


Or maybe you've just ignored your "legal stuff" hoping for the best... 


But you've got a nagging suspicion that this isn't the best idea for your business...


Maybe you have a sense that you have legal blindspots because you know you don't know exactly what you even need to be worried about... or maybe you are just worried that relying on the Internet or non-lawyers isn't a good enough approach.


In spite of your worry, you aren't sure what you can do instead... 

And You're Right To Be Worried Because 
Ignoring Your "Legal Stuff" Invites Disaster

If you haven't taken the time to get your "legal stuff" in order, you are making legal mistakes.


And each legal mistake is kind of like a ticking time bomb hiding somewhere in your business. 


You may not know where it is and you definitely won't know when it will go off...


But rest assured, the time bomb will go off eventually. And when it does it will cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Or it might destroy your business entirely.

A single legal mistake could mean you don't actually own parts of your online platform... 


Or you might find yourself in an expensive legal dispute with a client or online program participant...


Maybe you're making a mistake that could get your social media accounts shut down for good... 


Worse yet, you might be building your entire platform on a name you can't legally use...


And if you don't have the right policies and procedures in place a copycat could steal your content... or maybe one of your commercial partners could steal your confidential information... 


Put simply, legal errors are expensive, potentially devastating errors. They are by definition important and urgent. 


Can you really justify ignoring your "legal stuff" or feel confident if you're basing your decisions on information from the Internet or a non-lawyer?


Didn't think so... 

The Answer Lies In A Secret That 
Most Lawyers Don't Want You To Know...

Law Isn't Rocket Science... 


You've been trained to believe that law is a complex, mysterious thing and that only a lawyer can possibly handle.


I'm here to call BS on that... Sure, some legal issues are complicated, but most legal issues are pretty routine and uncomplicated. We aren't trying to put a man in orbit here.  

What lawyers actually do is pretty boring... 


Solving a typical legal issue takes a tiny bit of wisdom - albeit wisdom that was expensive to get - combined with a good bit of plain old mechanical repetitive tasks. Here's how it normally works:

  • Spot the Issue: This is where the wisdom comes into play. Lawyers spend upwards of $150,000 to go to law school to learn how to spot potential legal issues their clients might face.
  • Grab The Right Template: Lawyers build up repositories of template forms that they use to solve the legal issues they face. So after spotting an issue, we grab the right form.
  • Fill In Basic Information: This is a purely mechanical task, involving putting in basic information like the party names.
  • Choosing Between Clauses: This involves choosing between alternative clauses in a template based upon business - not legal - considerations. 

The first two issues are where lawyers add value, but they charge you most of the money for the routine tasks because those are what take the most time.


This reality is what makes it possible for you to do it yourself... 


You don't need a lawyer to do the routine, mechanical work for you (the work they charge you lots of money to do). You just need a lawyer to package up the "wisdom" and give you the right forms. Armed with this information and these forms, you would have no trouble taking care of your "legal stuff."


This is where The Online Genius Membership site comes into play. I've packaged my wisdom and the right forms in a way that makes it easy for you to protect your own business without having to hire me or any other lawyer.

Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Bobby Klinck

Bobby is a Harvard Law School graduate who helps entrepreneurs get their legal protection in place quickly and easily so they can spend their time building their amazing business rather than worrying about the "legal stuff."


But Bobby doesn't just serve online entrepreneurs... He is one.  Bobby founded Your Online Genius as a way to use the methods employed by online entrepreneurs to educate them about their legal needs and provide them with do-it-yourself options.

"Bobby's teaching style is incredibly easy to follow. He takes complicated legal language and turns it into understandable, actionable steps. Bobby's heart is in the right place. He deeply cares about those he serves, and it's refreshing that he's ‘one of us’ with an incredible knowledge in the law as well.​"

Amy Porterfield

So Why Am I Letting You In On The Secret?

If I were you, about now I'd be wondering: "If this secret is the key to lawyers making money, why in the world would Bobby ever want to tell me about it?"


That's a good question if I do say so myself. Well, here's why I'm letting you in on the secret:

My "why" is to make it quick and easy for online entrepreneurs to get their legal protection in place so they can stop worrying about legal issues and focus their attention on building their businesses.


And I recognize that most entrepreneurs can't afford me or any other lawyers on an hourly basis. That means the only way for me to help is to provide resources that empower entrepreneurs to do-it-themselves. 


Besides, it's not like providing these resources is going to put me out of business anytime soon. There's plenty of legal work to go around (including the complicated stuff where clients really do need me). And many of my clients know they could do it themselves, but they are at a point that they outsource everything but their "core" talents. 


This is a pretty obvious win-win situation!

Is It Really Possible For A Membership Site To 
Give You Legal Peace Of Mind?

Look, handling your "legal stuff" - whether through a membership site or by hiring a lawyer - isn't going to give you the kind of inner peace that this guy's got.


But imagine for a second how it would feel to know that you had taken care of your "legal stuff" and that you weren't putting your business at risk.


How good would it feel to know that your important business relationships were on solid ground?


How good would it feel to know that your brand, your creative content, and your confidential information were protected and not at risk?


How good would it feel to have confidence that you know what you need to know about the law?


The Online Genius Membership site will let you rest easy knowing your business is protected.


And you'll know that the information and resources you're relying on were created by a lawyer with impeccable credentials who is also an online entrepreneur.


Sounds like a pretty good start to peace of mind...

You Really Can Get Your Legal Protection In Place 
Without Wasting Your Time Or Money

The Online Genius Membership site makes it possible for entrepreneurs like you to get the legal protection you need without the hassle of wasting your time scouring the internet or "playing lawyer." And you won't have to shell out big bucks to hire a lawyer either.


In the Membership you will learn the legal information entrepreneurs need to know and get your hands on the documents you need to get your protect in place. And you'll get this from a lawyer with impeccable credentials who is also an online entrepreneur just like you!


In The Online Genius Membership, you'll get the answers to the legal questions that entrepreneurs have, like:

  •  What are the key legal issues online entrepreneurs need to worry about?
  •  How do I make sure I can legally use the name I chose for my business? 
  •  What written agreements do I need for my business?
  •  How do I avoid disputes with employees, contractors, and business partners?
  •  How to I protect my "secret sauce"?
  •  How do I protect myself from copycats who would steal my content?
  •  How do I make sure I don't get sued for copyright infringement?
  •  What policies and procedures do I need for my website?
  •  What documents do I need to have guests sign?

But you won't just get answers to questions in an abstract way... you'll get guidance on exactly what to do and how to avoid the pitfalls that entrepreneurs face.


Put simply, when you enroll in The Online Genius Membership, you'll get the information you need to learn how to get your legal protection in place. 

Here's What You'll Get!

Training, Forms, and Community to Protect Your Online Business...

Recorded Trainings

There are over 25 training videos covering corporate entities, written agreements, website legal issues, and intellectual property issues. 

Seven Template Forms

You'll get the three core policies you need to protect your website, a client agreement, an online program/course agreement, and two confidentiality agreements.

Ongoing Training

You'll get access to ongoing live training sessions where we'll cover pressing legal issues (like the GDPR) and take deeper dives into subjects you need to understand.

Facebook Group

You'll get access to an exclusive private Facebook Group for The Online Genius Members, where you'll get your questions answered.

I'm so impressed with the amount information and training for the cost. I absolutely love the walkthroughs on how to customize the templates. I've seen others who offer 1/10 of the forms or guidance, for 10x the price, and without all the clear, step-by-step instructions and walkthroughs.

Tara Wagner

Breakthrough Coach

When Bobby teaches it's like having your friend who is a top-notch lawyer explain legal issues in down-to-earth, everyday language... He doesn't "dumb it down" but he eliminates the confusing "lawyer speak" and makes complicated topics easy to understand.

Laura Naiser

Founder Agape SoulSpa

With Bobby’s program, you get the same legal protection as a corporate lawyer charging you top dollar, but you get it at a fraction of the cost. Bobby’s instructions are clear, and the forms are a cinch to modify. His program is worth every penny!

Liz Hanson

Founder, Smart Homeschooler™

Extras To Pave Your Way...

Social Media Masterclass

Social media is a big part of what we do as online entrepreneurs... so we need to make sure that we aren't making legal mistakes along the way. In this Masterclass session, you'll learn all about the legal issues that you need to get right on social media. 

Discounts On Forms

If you discover that you need legal templates, you'll get a 25% discount on all our template forms. From LLC Operating Agreements to Affiliate Agreements to Publicity Releases... We're rolling out a full set of forms, and you'll get a discount on all of them.

Bonus Forms

You'll get three additional template forms... including an Independent Contractor Agreement, a Testimonial Release, and a General Publicity Release. These forms will help you grow your business and thrive!

How Much Is The Membership Worth?

Anyway you look at it, the program is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.


You might start by considering how much it cost me to get the wisdom I impart...


In the program, you're getting access to the information that cost me $150,000 (in Harvard Law School tuition) and 15 years of experience as a lawyer to get. The series condenses the essential wisdom that entrepreneurs like YOU need into digestible, actionable information.


Although it would be really weird to do, you could always shell out money for law school and spend time practicing as a lawyer to get the knowledge you'll get from the course.


Or you might consider how much you would expect to pay if you hired a lawyer... 


Another alternative would be to hire a lawyer to create all of the forms you need from scratch and to walk you through the legal concepts. That would easily cost you $10,000 or more. 


And quite honestly, joining The Online Genius Membership will put you in a better place than hiring a lawyer would. If you simply hire a lawyer, you won't learn anything about the legal issues you need to know along the way. Enrolling in The Membership will pay longterm dividends by helping you spot issues going forward and making you a better consumer of legal services in the future.


Or maybe you should consider the cost of doing nothing... 


How much is a single client relationship worth to your business?


How much would it cost you if your employees, contractors, or partners took your confidential information and used it to compete against you because you didn't have the right agreements in place?


How much damage would it do to your business if a copycat took your content because you didn't have the right protection in place?


Even a single legal mistake could easily cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.


No matter how you look at it, The Online Genius Membership is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars to your business.


And it will also give you peace of mind. Ask yourself how much that's worth... 


But you aren't going to pay thousands to join the membership. You can enroll now for only $397.

The Online Genius Membership

Pick the payment plan that's right for you!

Monthly Membership

Month-To-Month Flexibility

$397 Now

Then $97 Per Month

4 Modules of Recorded Training

Access to Ongoing Training

Private Facebook Group

10 Template Forms

Annual Membership

Save $467



4 Modules of Recorded Training

Access to Ongoing Training

Private Facebook Group

10 Templates Forms

Guarantees Before You Start...

Legal Experience Optional

The Online Genius Membership is designed for entrepreneurs with no legal experience. You don't need to know anything about the law for it to work. The lessons are geared to teach you what you need to know and the forms have all the "legalese" included. 

Details Included

The Online Genius Membership is designed for busy entrepreneurs. You won't have to spend time being a "detail" person to get your legal protection in place. The forms contain highlighting to make it obvious what you need to fill in and change. 

Tech Savvy Optional

The Online Genius Membership is designed to work for entrepreneurs in every situation regardless of your technology. There's nothing special about what you'll need. If you have access to a browser and a word processor, you've got what you need.

Bobby's Non-Wimpy, Ironclad

Money-Back Guarantee

You get my 30-Day, No-Questions Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 


What does that mean?


If for any reason (or no reason) within the first 30 days, you decide that The Online Genius Membership Site won't help you protect your online business and keep you out of legal hot water all without having to hire an attorney, just send me an email and I'll give you a refund. 


You don't have to prove you got started, "show your work," or jump through any other hoops. All you have to do is email me within the first 30 days and ask for a refund. That's it.


You can check out the details of the guarantee in the Membership Terms & Conditions.


Are you still wondering whether The Online Genius Membership is right for you? We've got answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Membership and our services. 

What's covered in the Membership site?

What forms are included in the packages?

Is this Membership right for coaches?

Is Bobby my lawyer if I join?

What will be included in the ongoing training?

What if I change my mind?

Join The Membership Now

Monthly Membership

Month-To-Month Flexibility

$397 Now

Then $97 Per Month

4 Modules of Recorded Training

Access to Ongoing Training

Private Facebook Group

10 Template Forms

Annual Membership

Save $467



4 Modules of Recorded Training

Access to Ongoing Training

Private Facebook Group

10 Templates Forms

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